Steven Worthington

Bee Brooch

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The size of this photograph shows the exquisitely fine carving on this miniature bee brooch. Only just over three centimetres in size it is a tiny work of art. 

The original bee was hand carved from wax. This was then used to create a 2 part mould, and then molten pewter poured carefully in to create this piece. Each bee is then hand finished, polished and the brooch back soldered on.

Originally designed for an installation piece for my Diploma of Visual Arts at Canberra Institute of Technology, as soon as the first one came out of the mould I knew that I wanted people to be able to wear these tiny artworks.

Bees truly are a barometer of the health of the planet. Australia has over 1500 species of native bee, and they play a vital role in ensuring the continued fertilisation of plants, including crops. However, these important tiny creatures are threatened by introduced species, by pesticide use, introduced diseases, and are highly affected by climate change.  These pins provide a subtle reminder both to the wearer and those that see it worn, to remember the bees.